Thursday, 21 February 2008

Back to basics

I will be returning to other crafty creations soon with my current frustrations with writing, with my neice and nephew and with life in general! I've been feeling too drained to really do anything and desperate to move out of this hell-hole where my clay stuff gets destroyed by the terrible twosome.

I've had mermaids and potential beads ruined after leaving them for a couple of hours. Damn those kids for not keeping their hands to themselves!!!! Grrrrr

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Return of the Mermaids

Ok heh, I added more of my OOAK mermaids in the gallery. Do go and check them out. I'm admittedly kinda sad cos two of them are gone from my collection. But I am glad that my friends liked them enough to want them

I've been fooling around with another idea for OOAK but will put them on hold first. AND DARN IT, why do all the doll faces I make look so horrid???? Guess I will have to stick to cartoon faces for now. SIGH

Thursday, 27 September 2007

The Love of My Life

ha, don't be fulled by the heading. But definitely, a good book is the love of my life! The anticipation when an eagerly awaited book is finally out and I can get my trembling hands on its brand new, drool worthy cover is worth every moment of the pure agonizing wait.

My heart pounds in excitement and I practically want to scream with the joy of finally being able to read it. Little shivers literally run up my spine and its ecstasy in pure undiluted form. Nothing can compete with the joys of a new book, one I have been totally and obsessively awaiting. No male in this world can even compete. Romance between the sheets (pun intended) and better than in real. You may think its sad, but what you think ain't my problem!

I am planning a date with my fifth book in JR Wards Brotherhood of the Black Dagger. Yep, a date where neices and nephies have no way of interrupting with no one at home to bug me and where I have my book and Vishous, protag of Lover Unbound all to myself. And of course on my sunbed and between the sheets (in real) .